Happy New Year! Upcycled Table Decoration

I feel like New Year’s Eve decor doesn’t get the airtime it deserves.

I mean, I get it. By the time New Year’s comes around we’re all exhausted from the chaos and work of the holidays. (And by “we” I especially mean parents. Pre-kids I did not find the holidays to be nearly as chaotic.)

And I know some people like to keep their Christmas decor up into the new year.

I’m not one of those people.

I like to give each of the holidays their own glory. I have this unofficial rule that Christmas decor must be neatly packed up by December 31st to make way for New Year’s decor.

Only problem is, I don’t have a ton of it. Or any at all, really.

And that’s just wrong. A new year year with new goals and new events to look forward to needs it’s fair share of beautiful decorations for some good celebrating to take place.

So I’ve been trying to make a new project every year that can easily be stored and pulled out year after year.

Last year the Paper Straw Fireworks were created.


This year I came up with this flashy, up-cycled wine bottle centerpiece:

DIY New Year's Eve Upcycled Table Decor -MIY with Melissa


(Actually, I came up with it last New Year's Eve. I made it and documented the process but I ran out of time to share it. Better late than never, right? You will see both “2017” and “2018” signs in the tutorial pics because I forgot to take a picture the year I made it. Don’t let that trip ya up.)

I was inspired by this project I found on Pinterest. But I wanted to make it easy to change out the year again and again, and I wanted the bottles to look different enough from each other that they look like they were collected over time., so I sort of morphed it into what you see above.

This project was also the perfect opportunity to properly use my late grandma’s silver serving tray. I love it so much. And I swear I hear her sweet voice every time I look at it. I’m not sure exactly how old it is but I think she acquired it in the ‘60s or ‘70s.

I'm making it my mission to incorporate it into my decor throughout the year. She would have loved this display. She was a mighty crafter herself.

Here’s a full list of the supplies and tools I used for it:


For you crafters that can look at a project and immediately figure out how you’d make it, Here are the abbreviated instructions:

The Short and Sweet

  1. Spray paint 4 different wine/ champagne bottles.

  2. Make signs for each  bottle and attach to a paper straw.

  3. Place and secure in wine bottle openings.

  4. Add some curling ribbon and star garland for a little bling.

  5. Arrange on a coordinating tray for a finished look.


For those of you who might like a little more detail and some helpful tips, the following section is for you.


All the Details

Collect the Wine Bottles

1. Gather 4 wine and champagne  bottles of various shapes and sizes. (Best way to do that is buy 3 different wines and 1 bottle of champagne at the store.)

Remove the Labels

2. Here’s my favorite way to remove labels from glass bottles. This method works really well. Although for stubborn adhesive sometimes I still need to bust out the straight edge blade.


Spray paint the Bottles

3. Spread out that paper and give the bottles at least two even coats of paint. Be patient and allow them to dry for at least 24 hours because you will be using tape on them and it will take a little paint with it if you rush it.


Make the Signs

4. We’ll do one sign at a time. Let’s start with “Happy.”

Take those letters and place them on a piece of that sparkly silver cardstock.


5. Then trim around the stickers with a paper trimmer.


6. You don’t want it to be too big because you want it to look proportional to the wine bottle. The is one was about 5” wide and 2” tall.


7. Use a small corner rounder on the corners.


8. Or don’t. It’s your choice. I think it makes it loked finished, though.


9. Now lay the paper on a some black cardstock.


10. Trim it so that there’s about ⅛ - ¼ of an inch around the edges of the silver paper.


11. Now grab that Crafty Power Tape (which is simply craft strength double sided tape) and apply it to the back side of the silver cardstock. (I applied it where the pink rectangles are.) Press down well to secure.


12. Go ahead and round the corners of the black cardstock, too.


13. Excellent. Now do the same things for the “New,” “Year,” and “(the year)” signs.


Attach the Straws

14. Grab 4 straws and tape one to the back of each sign.


15. I chose 2 patterns of straws and alternated them. “Happy” and “Year” have polka dot straws and “New” and “2017” have chevron straws. I think it gives it a little suhmn- suhmn.


16. If people will be walking around the back side of your table, you may want to cover the tape with a scrap piece of black cardstock to make it look finished.


17. Grab that curling ribbon and your scissors and curl it up.


18. Take 3 pieces and attach to the bottom of the straws using regular ole tape.


19. Lookie there; festive already!


Put The Signs in the Bottles

20. Now either roll up some tape or get some of that double sided tape…


21. And apply to the inside of the bottle. Try to visualize where the straw will hit and place it there. For the “Happy,” New,” and “Year” signs I placed them on the inner left side and for the “2017/8” sign I placed it on the inside right.


22. Slide that sign right inside and press it gently against the tape. Fluff and place that curling ribbon until it looks like bubbly overflowing from the bottle.


23. Do the same for the other signs and you’re almost done!


Put It All Together

24. Take that silver star mini garland and wrap it around the handle on one side of the tray.


25. Gently pull to unroll the garland across the tray. You want it to have some curves, so don’t pull it too straight.


26. Feed the garland through the other handle and wrap it once or twice to keep it for sliding all over.


27. The unravel the garland back across the tray to the handle you began with. Wrap and tuck the extra (if any) to secure it.


28. This is the fun part; place the wine bottles on the tray. The rule of thirds is helpful here. I placed the bottles with the word signs on the left ⅔ of the tray, and the bottle with the year sign on the right ⅓ of the tray. (Pink line for reference in case that made your head spin.)


29. Then, I set that Dollar Tree silver spray decoration right in the spot where that pink line was.


30. I tried to make sure that the garland was still curving up around the bottles to give it a little movement and visual interest.


That’s it, you did it! What a beautiful centerpiece!


Don’t forget to save the rest of those number stickers so you can reuse this decoration every year.


Here’s about what it’ll cost ya to create this sparkly table decor:


I’d love to see how you’re decorating for New Year’s Eve...leave a comment and tell me about it! Or tag me on your holiday Instagram posts!


Happy crafting and celebrating, friends! And whatever you make, make it yours!

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