I was Nominated for The Liebster Award!

So, there’s this fun little practice that bloggers have. (I guess I am a blogger now...I’ve been blogging a whole 6 months, after all.)

They like to promote and support each other.  It’s pretty great, really.  I have “met” some really genuine and interesting bloggers in my short time In the Blogosphere. People from all over the country and even one all the way over in Sweden.

The Liebster Award is a perfect example of bloggers recognizing and lifting each other up. And little ole me got nominated, friends!

So what is this award all about?

The Liebster is awarded to new bloggers, who are making their way in the blogging world. Now, I've heard a couple of different definitions of "new." Some say those who have been blogging 6 months or less, some say 1 year or less. Others define it by number of followers, and of course, there are different numbers there as well. (I've heard 200 and 3000.)

When you accept the nomination you:

  •  Write a post announcing your awesomeness and give a shout out to your nominator
  • Answer a set of questions your nominator sends you
  •  Nominate at least five other bloggers and link them in your post
  • Make your own set of questions and post them for your nominees so they can pay it forward

It’s like a more adult, more purposeful version of a chain letter. Remember those things? The things that have now been replaced by chain posts on Facebook? (So annoying. I never repost those.)

But I was pretty flattered when a blogging buddy, Anika of Free Little Monkeys, messaged me letting me know she wanted to nominate me. Half the time I still wonder if I'm doing this whole thing "right."

10 Questions I was Asked to Answer

1.       Why did you start blogging? Has it turned out to be what you expected?

I started blogging as a way to document all the projects I’m getting myself into. My husband’s words were, “You’re doing all these things anyway, why not blog about them, too?” Ha. We were so naïve, looking back. While I have been pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoy the writing and creating and planning, it has turned out to be so much more work than I was expecting. Mostly because I am too cheap to pay people to do things for me so I have had to do all my own designing, website building, researching, and other behind the scenes stuff myself.

2.       What is your goal for your blog in 2016?

My goal for this year is to fill out my categories a little more. So there is more to choose from for each type of project and recipe.

3.       If you give anyone advice about starting a blog, what would you say?

Oh man, this is such a complicated answer. I guess all my best nuggets of wisdom boil down to knowing yourself and your goals. There are lots of different paths people can take in the blogging world and all of them are great if that’s what you’re looking for. But if not, you can become disheartened quickly. Don’t let that happen. Define your path and don’t worry about the rest of the noise.

4.       What are the 3 songs that you can listen to anytime?

Just 3?! This is torture.

  • Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da by the Beatles- because it reminds me of many nights drinking wine and cooking dinner with my late mother-in-law.
  • Everybody Got Their Something by Nikki Costa- because it make me feel on top of the world and I can't NOT dance when it comes on.
  • Can’t Get enough of You Baby by Smash Mouth- because it reminds me of when my husband and I were first dating. And it’s still how I feel about him today.

5.       What 3 words describe you best?

Stubborn, Compassionate, and Creative. In that order.

6.       What is your favorite movie and why?

Gonna have to go with an oldie but a goodie; Fried Green Tomatoes. Because it always reminds me of the most important things in life.

7.       What’s the favorite place you have visited?

Unfortunately, I am not well traveled. (YET!) But my favorite place is Del Mar Beach, CA. My family vacationed there every year when I was little and walking up to that beach is like coming home, everytime.

8.       What is your favorite food?

Homemade, gooey macaroni and cheese made with Farfalle pasta and two kinds of cheddar cheese. No contest.

9.       If you could live anywhere in the world where would that be?

On a vineyard in Italy. With outdoor rooms that have amazing views of rolling hills and incredible sunsets. Just a walk away from the local farmers market and a bike ride away from a beautiful beach. Where I will finally learn to surf.

10.   Give 5 random facts about yourself that you think are unique and fun?

  • At one point I was trying to decide if I should become a teacher or an interior designer (notice how I said “should” not “wanted”). Teaching won because I love children and I wanted something stable and predictable. (The latter part of that is laughable, now that I think about it.) Sometimes I am not sure I made the right decision...I really love creating and there is less and less creative teaching these days. I do not regret my decision, though. If that makes sense.
  • My hair has been so many colors I’ve lost track and am running out of natural color options. Pink hair might just be next. Who knows.
  • I’m a very sentimental person. I still have negatives of photos from my junior high graduation ceremony. Pictures which will NEVER see the light of day because I looked so incredibly nerdy. But I just can’t throw ‘em.
  • I can deadlift 115% of my bodyweight. And counting. Huah! (Or whatever it is weightlifters say.)
  • I married my high school sweetheart. And he is still my very favorite person. 

My Nominees

Have a look around these up and comers' sights; they're really quite impressive. And unique. In no particular order we have:

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Free-Marie at My New Finances

Mandi at Our Life Out Here

10 Questions for My Talented Nominees to Answer:

  1.  Why did you start blogging?
  2.  What has surprised you most about blogging?
  3.  Who's your biggest fan?
  4.  What's your favorite movie to quote?
  5.  What's the best meal you've ever eaten?
  6.  And the worst?
  7.  What book is your nose currently buried in?
  8.  What Podcast(s) can't you get enough of?
  9.  What's at the very top of your bucket list?
  10.  What is your favorite quote?


I'm so grateful for my blogging group, without which I may never have found these ladies and their awesome blogs.

Make sure you have a look around their blogs for a plethora of ideas, inspiration, and info!