Get Your Irish On: Easy Emerald St. Patrick's Day Wreath

I’m not Irish, but that doesn’t stop me from celebrating St. Patrick’s day.

Basically, if a holiday gives me an excuse to decorate my house and cook some delicious food- I’m in.

And green beverages to boot? What could be better?!

It seems like in the past couple of years a lot of the holiday decorations I’ve made or purchased have met their demise. They’re getting old and worn out at this point...I’ve had many of them for more than a decade now.

So I’ve been on the lookout for cute decorations to buy and fun projects to make. Ya can’t call yourself festive without holiday decorations, can ya?

On my most recent excursion to Dollar Tree I saw the green isle out of the corner of my eye and it was all over, friends. I went in for fragrance free soap and came out with everything I needed to make this:


Does that shade of green make you as happy as it makes me?

Here’s a full list of supplies I used to make it:


*The leprechaun hats came in a pack of 5 but I only used 1.

-The craft ring I got as part of a two pack on 

Oops. That was almost a full list. About halfway through I remembered I had some leftover green ribbon from some Christmas gifts so I grabbed those for little something extra.


There were 5 pieces of ½ “ ribbon that were already curled up to about 6” long. If you don't have any curly ribbon, here is a great tutorial on curling fabric ribbon that can help you make some.

Just below are two sets of directions; The Short and Sweet for a quick recap and All the Details for specific info on each step.

Do ya have about 15 minutes? Let’s grab a Smithwick's and get to it!


The Short and Sweet:

  1. Wrap some feather boas around a wreath form or craft ring.

  2. Glue on some festive accents such as a bow tie, a hat, and some ribbon.

  3. Hang it on your door and pretend to be Irish.


All the Details:

Glue the feather boas on.

1. Plug in that hot glue gun.The low setting will do a just fine.


2. Glue one end of a feather boa to what will be the backside of the wreath. (The back and front of these craft rings look identical, choosing a front and back is more about keeping those ends hidden.


3. Start wrapping the feather boa around the craft ring…


4. Trying to space it evenly.


5. Have a look at it from the front side every now and then to make sure the ring isn’t visible.


6. When you get to the other end of the boa just glue that down on the backside as well.


7. Pick up where you left off and glue on the 2nd boa…


8. And the 3rd boa in the same way.


Add a bow tie.

9. This bow tie happened to be a little uneven so I decided to fix that before moving on. It woulda driven me crazy to walk up the wreath and notice only the bow tie every time. I snipped the elastic so it would be easier to work around.


10. Then I cut the center ribbon off and found some ⅝" ribbon in my stash to replace it. I cut a piece about 2 ½" long.


11. After that I glued that new ribbon around the center, making sure the ends were on the backside of the ribbon, of course. Then I cut off the elastic. Really, I’m not sure why I didn’t just do that to begin with.


12. After that I pushed the boa at the bottom center of the wreath off to the sides slightly so I had a nice spot to glue the back center of the bow tie down.


13. You may need to fluff and arrange the surrounding feathers a bit to make them look right.


Add a hat.

14. Let’s get rid of that elastic chin strap, shall we? Snip it in half.


15. Then pull each side out from under the staples.


16. While we’re at it, get those staples outta there, too.


17. Now gather up that ribbon, and glue it to the underside of the brim of the hat.


18. Then just find a spot in the top left area where the feather boa can be moved aside slightly so you can glue the brim of the hat to the ring (not just to the feathers or it’ll move and sag).


19. You may need to move some of the ribbon around until it looks right. Glue it into place.




In just a few minutes and for just a few bux, you’ve got a festive wreath that’ll bring your front door to life.


Here’s how much it cost me to make mine:


How are you decorating for St. Patty’s day? Tag me on your Instagram posts so I can see!


Happy wreath wrapping, friends. And whatever you make, make it yours!


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