Pink Mimosas: The Best Drink You've Never Heard Of

What is a Pink Mimosa you ask? It’s happiness in a glass, my friends.

It's a simple twist on a refreshing, classic drink. I would even venture to say it's the best Mimosa- ever.

And it’s only two ingredients: Orange Juice and Pink Champagne. That’s it!

Not really all that profound, but something ya just don’t see a lot of. In fact, I can’t think of a single time I’ve skimmed a bar menu and seen a Pink Mimosa. Such a shame. They are just…perfection. I love them so much that I try to keep a bottle of champagne chilled should the craving hit. Or we have something to celebrate. Or oranges go on sale. All of these are solid reasons to enjoy a mimosa.

So here’s the “Recipe.” Can you even call something with only two ingredients a recipe? I guess I just did.

Pink Mimosas


about 2 cups Orange Juice, preferably freshly squeezed

1 Bottle of Pink (yes, PINK) Champagne

a handful of fruit for garnish (optional)



A citrus juicer, large pitcher, and measuring cup.


1. Juice the oranges.

2. You'll need about 2 cups

3. Pour the entire bottle of Pink Champagne into the pitcher.

4. Add the OJ.

5. Gently stir.

6. Add some fruit to the glass for a little "Ta-dah!,"  pour, and enjoy!


First, it's the PINK champagne that's the key to the goodness. Something about the combination of these flavors really steps this up over a traditional Mimosa.

Second, the oranges. A handful of factors influence how many oranges it will take you to get a total of 2 cups of oranges juice; time of year, variety of orange, place of origin, and ripeness. For reference, I live in Arizona, USA, it's the middle of September, I purchased Navel oranges from my local Sprouts (you DO know about their double ad Wednesdays, right?) but I have no idea where they were grown,  and they all felt soft when I squeezed them gently with my hand. It took us a little less than 5 oranges to get to 2 cups of juice. 

My awesome husband usually squeezes some fresh oj for me- he’s the best. This really ups the flavor factor and comes with the added benefit of no chemicals (okay, maybe still some from pesticides) and no added sugar. We aim to limit chemicals and processed sugar. Except when we’re talking about baked goods. Then, all bets are off! Ya gotta live a little.

So here's what I spent for The Hubs and I to have a nice Sunday brunch adult beverage:  (I'm just kidding. We don't brunch. It was a lunchtime libation, but that doesn't sound nearly as classy, does it.)

If you have a Total Wine near you you can get the Barefoot Bubbly for about $7.99 (or $7.19 as part of their Mix 6 deal).  If not, you can find it at grocery stores such as  Fry’sand Target.If it’s on sale it's usually about $8.99. And it usually is. Total Wine also has a lot of flavored champagnes at the same price point that I reeeeally want to try with OJ. Like the Weibel Raspberry Champagne. It's a dream on its own. My spidey senses tell me it would be delicious in this drink. If you make a variation please post in the comments and let us know how it was. That would be awesome! 

A little foodie lesson for any wanna be winos: Technically, neither of the champagne options I mentioned is actually champagne. The grapes need to be grown and fermented in the region of Champagne, France for the official honor of that name. The options I mentioned are grown here in the US., so they are technically sparkling wines. But winemakers can and do use the term loosely, which I find a tad annoying. That's the stickler in me, I guess.

If you like having the entire recipe in front of you at once, here's the recipe card for ya:

(Click here to print it out):


You should make these and kick your feet up while you sip the goodness. Treat yourself. You deserve it! 


Happy squeezing a sipping, friends. And Whatever you make, make it yours!


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