Santa Suit Gift Card Holders: The Perfect Way to Make a Gift Card into a Present

The last couple of holiday seasons I've had to be a lot more careful about just how many homemade gifts I decide on.

As more and more children have joined our family, and my crafting hobbies have expanded from a few to a dozen, I find myself opting to make more and more things myself.

Not only because they are cheaper (I'll be honest- that is the main reason) but also because I enjoy making unique things for unique people.

But I'm only one person, with just two hands, and I've got anywhere from 1-5 kids home with me on a given day. There is only so much I can make. (Why do humans need to eat so much?!)

That's where gift cards come in for me. I love giving them as much as I like getting them. And if I can sneak in a little crafty time by "wrapping it," if you will- even better.

This year (well, last year by the time you read this) I came up with a these festive little guys:


I just riffed off of the Present Gift Card Holder I came up with for my friend awhile back.


I used the same tools, except this time I used 3 sizes of the Nestabilities label die cuts.


Although the folding method and the cuts are the same, for this holder I chose red and black cardstock after The Big Guy's suit.


I wanted the center to have the look of a buckle, with a lighter spot for writing on. The largest piece, the gold paper, represents the metal buckle part. The black paper being the belt itself, and the smallest, white paper is simply the place where I could address the gift.


The assembly is essentially the same. Just a simple pull through for the ribbon...


And inside the paper pocket it goes.


Then I taped those belt buckle label pieces together and added a few of those 3D adhesive squares to the back side again for some dimension.


And, Ta-Dahhhh! In about 10 minutes I made a unique, festive present for each my kiddo's teachers. (It may have been even less time but I had to hunt down my small thread scissors to trim the ribbon. Why are those things never where I seem to remember leaving them?!)


And it was a completely free project for me because I had all of the supplies leftover form previous projects, just chilling out on my craft shelf. 


Just 1 sheet of 12x12 cardstock, a couple of scraps of complimentary paper, and some ribbon and you could whip these up, too!



For the entire tutorial, a complete list of supplies, and a breakdown of the cost click here on the original post.

Happy gifting, friends. And whatever you make, make it yours!