Easy Halloween Decor: Ribbon Wrapped Pumpkin Pillar

Dollar Tree got me again, guys. I walked in and saw these:

It was destiny.

And not being one to fight fate, I promptly scooped those spools of ribbon into my cart (along with about 50 other Halloween items), and went home to admire them and figure out a craft to use them in.

I know that’s exactly the opposite of how I should be shopping for craft supplies, but I just couldn’t leave them behind.

And in this case, I think it worked out:


I love ribbons. And Pumpkins. And Candlesticks. And Halloween!

I'm the kind of person who has more Halloween Decor than Christmas Decor. Sorry, Jesus.

I've been wanting to decorate my faux pumpkins for few years now because they have just been plain-o, jane-o. And when I remembered that I still had some old candlesticks laying around, it all came together. It’s a good thing I never throw anything away. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself.

Of course, this would be super cute without the candlestick, too. But it was the perfect excuse to add a little of that traditional flair to my Halloween decor. I’m a sucker for it, I tell ya.

Here’s what I used to construct this decoration:

Three notes on supplies:

  1. I have no idea why I dumped so many black rubber bands on the craft mat; I only used 2!
  2. The bigger the pumpkin, the more ribbon and tulle you will need. For reference. this pumpkin was about 6 inches in diameter and I used about 4ft of tulle and 6ft of each of the ribbons.
  3. I changed my mind last minute (I know- shocker!) and went with a 1/8" black ribbon for the accent bow. It is not pictured above.

Let’s start with The Short and Sweet instructions for those of you who just need an overview. Following that will be the  All the Details section where I’ll show you the step by step directions and interject a few helpful tips. At the end (under What It Costs), I’ll break down the cost for you so you know what you’re getting yourself into before you start.

The Short and Sweet

  1. Wrap two strips of tulle around pumpkin and secure them at the top of the pumpkin.
  2. Wrap 3-4 different ribbons around the pumpkin, securing them up at the base of the stem as well. Add glue at any spot where the ribbon wants to shift out of place.
  3. Tie an accent ribbon around the base of the stem.
  4. Glue to a candlestick and set it on a shelf with your favorite Halloween decor.


All the Details:

1. Lay the tulle under your pumpkin...


2. And wrap it up the sides of the pumpkin. You want it to stick up above the base of the stem about 3 inches on each end.


3. For the size pumpkin I chose, that was a length of 23”. Cut two piece to whatever length looks right to you for your pumpkin.

4. Secure one piece with a small rubber band.


5. So it looks like this:


6. Squeeze together the tulle so that it is scrunched up beneath the pumpkin base and not sticking out the sides. (This will create some nice gathers up the sides of the pumpkin.)


7. Lay the second piece of tulle underneath the pumpkin, perpendicular to the first piece. Gather and secure it the same way you did the first piece.


8. Cut 2-3 strips of your widest ribbon at the same length as your tulle. Again, for me that was about 23”.


9. Lay it pattern side down underneath the pumpkin so that it does not cover any of the tulle gathers when pulled up the sides of the pumpkin.


10. Pull it up to the stem so you can see where you will glue it at the base of the stem.


11. Hot glue it in place.


12. Pushing firmly and smoothing it as much as possible. There are going to be a fair amount of layers so you don’t want things getting bumpy right off the bat.


13. Glue the other end of the ribbon into place on the other side and use scissors to trim the edge of the ribbon. (I like to fold it in half so the sides are touching and cut at an angle.) And snip it an inch or inch and a half lower than the tulle from visual interest.


14. That creates the ‘V” look.


15. Take one of the more narrow ribbons and glue it on the same way, making sure to overlap one edge of the wide ribbons. This will wrinkle the ribbon a little near the bottom- that’s ok. It’s better to wrinkle and be flat against the pumpkin that bubble out and ruin the aesthetic of your decoration.)


16. Pull it down under the bottom of the pumpkin, just like you did with the first piece of ribbon.


17. And glue it up in the other side of the base of the stem. Trim the ribbon at an angle if you like. I do. So I did.


18. Now grab another of the narrow ribbons and attach it to the pumpkin on the other side of the widest ribbon. Again, make sure it’s tight and flat on the pumpkin so there’s no gaps between ribbon.


19. Again, trim the ribbon at an angle. A different angle, even a different length is a good choice.


20. Time to add another of the widest ribbons. I chose to put this one next to a spot where the black tulle was bunched up nicely.


21. This is the point when the ribbon may start to slip around as you pull it underneath and around, so I recommend adding a little hot glue underneath each piece of ribbon on the bottom.


22. Keep adding ribbon and gluing them in place, one at a time.


23. It will start to get a little crowded and the ribbon might want to slip a little. You may find it helps to add a little glue to the edge of the ribbon about halfway down the side of the pumpkin.


24. Some times you may even need to crease and glue the tulle or ribbon near the bottom of the pumpkin so your ribbon wrap looks right.


25. So keep adding ribbon pieces, one at a time; overlapping edges and varying the pattern of ribbon until the pumpkin is covered. You may end up with one or more of the last ribbons laying at a funky angle.


26. This is no good. You want the ribbon to all be sticking up in the same direction. It should be narrow at the base of the stem and flare up and out at the top of the decoration. Just crease the offending ribbon as close as you can to the base of the stem and glue it into place. (That crease will get covered up- no worries.)


27. Then pick a front and back. Add some glue to the base of the stem on the backside.


28. Place an accent ribbon over the glue…


29. And pull it around to the front side.


30. Add some glue to the front of the base


31. And start tying. But let it cool before you finish off the bow because it could slip upwards.


32. Now go ahead and finish off the bow.


33. You may need to add a little glue at the base of the loops to get the bow to sit straight.


34. When you get that glue on there just gently push it into place and let it cool before adjusting and glueing the other side.


35. There. A nice, straight bow.


36. Now trim the ends of the ribbon so they’re even. How short is up to you but I like them to bounce off the part of the pumpkin where it starts to get wide.


37. If one of the ribbons is pointing in the wrong direction like the misfit on the left here...


38. Take your scissors and run ‘em along the ribbon from the center of the bow out. Just as you do with plastic balloon streamers.


39. Much better.


40. Last step: glue it to a candlestick. Or, if you have commitment issues like me, just set it on there. Either way, set it on a shelf with some of you favorite decor and enjoy it.


What It Costs:

As usual, I had many of the supplies leftover from other projects. The only items I purchased were the spools of ribbon. But I know not everyone is a craft supply hoarder, so here’s about what you can expect to spend if you grab your coupons and head to the craft store for supplies:

How do you decorate your artificial pumpkins? Leave a comment and tell me about it...I've got a few more of these plain pumpkins to dress up.


Happy, spooky crafting, friends. And whatever you make, make it yours!


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