Individual Truffle Boxes: Perfect for Favors and Gifts!

truf-fle noun 1. A small, round candy of dessert-y goodness that's always a crowd favorite. 2. The best bite sized dessert ever.

Ok maybe that's not the actual definition, but it's a pretty damn good one. 

Truffles are where it's at, guys.

Why? Well...

  1. They look fancier than they are. I like something with a “Wow!” factor, don't you?
  2. You don’t have to heat up the oven to bake them. It's hot enough here in AZ, thank you.
  3. They’re already bites sized and ready to serve. No fussing while entertaining. Sold.

Impressive, no-bake, and easy to serve. The trifecta of dessert perfection.

So when we were planning my friend’s baby shower and I was asked to make chocolate chip cookie dough truffles for a favor, I got excited! And not just because there’s always a little dough left over to sample.

I also felt a little guilty, though, because they don’t seem like a lot of work to me. I sort of felt like I was under-contributing on all the baby shower prep.

One thing I knew I had to do was to find a way to make them into a favor and not just a treat displayed on a pretty tray. So I set out to come up with a cute way to wrap them individually, and this is what we sent the guests home with:


Not only were these a total breeze to put together, but I was able to use ribbon and cardstock scrapbook paper to customize them to match the color scheme and theme of the party. I think I’ve mentioned before how much I love the scrapbook isle and that I will take any excuse I can to visit it...

These tiny boxes make me smile. Partly because they are little and cute and partly because I know how good those cookie dough truffles taste. Of course, if you craft but don’t bake, you could always purchase truffles and wrap them in the boxes.

Here are the supplies I used for these sweet little favor boxes:

Note: The paper must be cardstock or heavy weight in order to support the weight of the truffle.


You might be wondering…

How many favors does this all make?

I found that each scrapbook paper was large enough for 6 favor boxes. I used 4 sheets of scrapbook paper so I could have 24 favor boxes, just in case everyone on the guest list showed up or maybe wanted to take one home to share with someone who wasn’t there.

What size truffle fits in these boxes?

I used a medium cookie scoop to make the truffles. If you use a small sized scoop, you’ll have to adjust the size of your folds  a little so it looks right. I would suggest making the space between folds about 1/2" smaller than what I do in steps 5-12. (Seen below.)

Normally I do a quick, condensed set of directions followed by the really detailed pictures and instructions, but as I was typing the overview directions out, I realized that they weren’t making much sense. So, it looks like if you want to learn how to make these you have no choice but read my long winded directions. Sorry. Except that I’m really not because they are going to make so much more sense.

Alright, let’s get started.

Individual Truffle Boxes

Prep the paper.

1. If there is a barcode and label along the edge of your paper, be sure to cut it off before you do anything else.


2. Turn your paper over to the blank side and mark every 2 inches along the top and bottom. The pencils lines are hard to see so I’ve added those pink arrows to help ya.


3. Cut along those marking so that you have 6 strips of 2 inch wide pieces of paper.


4. If you are neurotic like me, erase any remnants of those pencil markings.


Fold the paper.

5. Lay your paper face down. Fold up the strip about 1 inch from the edge.


6. Creasing gently with your thumb.

(This will be the small flap on the front/ top of the box.)

7. Now, 3 inches from that mark, along the 4 inch line...


8. Gently crease the paper again.

(This will be the back, vertical part of the box.)

9. Next, 2.5 inches from that crease, at the 6.5 inch mark...


10. Gently crease again.

(This will be the bottom of the truffle box.)

11. Now, 3.5 inches from that crease, along the 10 inch mark...


12. Cut off the rest of the paper.

(You just made the front of the box.)

Make sure to save that square of paper because that will become the label.

13. Fold it up to give it a once over, making sure it fits together correctly.


14. You want the top of the front to fit right up in the top flap with enough room for a truffle to slide in the side of the box.


Punch some holes and make some fancy cuts.

15. Let’s make the holes for securing the ribbon bow. With the box top flap and front piece held in place,


16. Use the hole punch to make a hole that is half way on the top flap piece, and slightly off center. (For clarification, you are making a hole that goes through both the top flap and the front vertical pieces.)


17. Make another hole on the other side, and try to get it level horizontally.


18. Now you have two holes that go through the top flap and the front pieces.


Tie that bow on.

19. Cut a piece of ribbon about 10.5 inches long.


20. Insert it from the front side, through to the back side of one hole, and then from the back side, through to the front side of the other hole. The long pieces should be hanging out the front of the box.


21. Tie a knot.


22. And then make the loops of the bow. And tie them together. (Just like you would make bunny ears for tying kids shoes.) It may take a little adjusting to get the loops to be the same size.


23. Take some scissors and trim the ends of the ribbon so that they are even. I like to go at an angle, but you can trim however you like.


Look at that! Beautiful!


Make the label.

24. Take the paper square you cut off earlier and use the decorative scissors to make the edges fancy. (Or don’t. Whatever floats your boat.)


25. Then, get your awesome friend who taught herself calligraphy to write on the tag. (Or I suppose you could print out some on the computer. But I highly recommend going the friend route if possible.)


26. Take a pieces of tape, roll it sticky side out, and place it on the backside of the tag. In this case I chose to put the tape on the backside of the blank corner. (Because I knew that corner would be covered a little in the next step.)


27. Tuck the corner that has the tape on it underneath the top flap. I found it easiest to do this by turning the box upside down, but that might just be me…


28. Gently squeeze the tag to secure it in place.


Insert the truffles.

29. Take a truffle and set it in a mini cupcake liner.


30. Insert the truffle into the treat bag. (If the truffle was chilled first, leave it out for 15-20 minutes before you try inserting it into the treat bag to avoid sticking and mucking up the plastic.)


31. Flatten out the open side and tuck the corners under towards the center.


32. Staple together.


33. Now use the clear tape to tape down the flat side  you just made and the two corners on the other side.


When it’s done it’ll look a little like this:


34. Now take 3 of the double sided adhesive squares…


35. And stick them on the center of the bottom of the truffle box.


36. And finally, set that truffle in there and gently press to secure.

(You might be doubting that those adhesive squares will hold the weight, but I can assure they did. I even tipped them upside down just to make sure.)

Now repeat until all of the strips of scrapbook paper are transformed into cute little favor boxes.

And you’re ready to set them out for your guests! If you have a tiered stand, use it! It makes them look extra fancy.


The guest of honor was quite pleased with them. I have no doubt you will be, too.


Not only am I really happy with how these boxes look, but I am also really happy with how affordable they are! Here's what I spent on supplies:


Do you have any great ideas for easy, affordable party favors? Please share in the comments section below. I'm sure throwing more parties is in my future and I'm always on the lookout for ideas....


Happy crafting, friends. And whatever you make, make it yours!

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