Present Gift Card Holders

I have a confession to make. I totally run out of steam for gift giving in January. Christmas just really takes it outta me. When it comes time for my friend’s birthday in January, I struggle. Big time.  

I know her interests well enough, but we are both so busy with our young families during the holidays that I don’t know what Santa brought her.

I usually just go with a gift card and call it good. For awhile now I have felt a little guilty about it. I finally figured out why; I haven't been "wrapping" up the gift. I haven't been personalizing it and making it look nice. It's all about presentation, ya know. Hopefully you are not sick of hearing that cuz I'm not done saying it.

So I rummaged through my craft supplies and found some beautiful paper and pretty ribbon to turn the gift card into a full blown gift with this simple gift card holder: 

*One last confession before we go any further; that is not my handwriting on the label. I don't know calligraphy and when I personalize a label in real life it's almost always just slightly off-center. I added this text (and all the others you see in this tutorial) during photo editing. I am a total fraud. I cower in shame. I'm sorry. I just feel like you deserve the truth. I don't want you getting down on yourself for having ho-hum handwriting.

Now that we have addressed the elephant in the room...

Naptime Warriors: these are so quick and easy to make, you could make one for everyone you know all in one blissful naptime! And they’re way more fun than that laundry you were going to fold. Win-win!

Here’s what I used:


*If you don’t have a die cutter/embossing machine, don’t sweat it. You can still make these. You could use craft scissors to cut a fancy square out. Or regular ole scissors would work for a nice, understated modern square.  Ditto for the 3d circles. You could just use more double sided tape.

And if you want to show the recipient you really "get" them, try looking for a paper that has the same tones or prints you have seen in their house, on their clothing and accessories, or in a piece of art they like.

The quick directions are just below in The Short and Sweet section. Below that is the full tutorial in the All the Details section.

The Short and Sweet:

1.       Grab a gift card, a 12x12 sheet scrapbook paper, and a ribbon.

2.       Cut the paper in half and fold the paper so that it makes a pocket large enough to fit the gift card. Tape the sides together.

3.       Add a strip of paper horizontally around the holder, leaving the gap front and center. Tape it down, too.

4.       Cover the gap with a label.

5.       Tie a ribbon to the top of the cardstock the gift card is attached to.

6.       Stuff the activation receipt and the gift card in there. (I like to secure it with a little more tape, too.)

7.       Give it to the birthday girl. Or boy. Your work here is done.

All the Details:

Prep your scrapbook paper.

1. If there are any tabs or labels along the bottom, remove them so they don’t mess with your measurements.


2. Cut your paper in half. Each half is one holder.


Fold the paper.

3. Place the paper face down and place the gift card on top. Fold the paper up and over so that it covers or almost covers the entire gift card. This is your masterpiece; you get to choose. There will still be a little white showing up at the top.


4. Crease the paper well.


5. Now fold the top down so it meets the edge of the paper and you can’t see the backside of the scrapbook paper anymore.


6. (I have flipped mine sideways here because it’s easier to apply tape from side to side than from top to bottom.) Unfold the paper and add double sided tape along the sides, from just below the top crease (now on the left) to just above the bottom crease (now on the right). It turns out double sided tape doesn’t show up so well in pictures so I have added these high tech pink indicators to show you where to apply it.


7. Fold the top over and press down well.


8. Fold the bottom over and press down well.


9. Here’s what you have so far.


Now let’s make it pretty. Or handsome- depending on the recipient.


Add a coordinating paper.

10. Cut a strip of scrapbook paper about 2 inches wide. Doesn’t have to be exact. Or in my case, straight. Doh!


11. Lay it under the holder and fold it up and around to the front. There will be a small gap where the edges don’t quite meet. Don’t worry, we’re gonna cover that up and no one will ever know it’s there.


12. Tape down the ends.


Make a label.

13. Cut out a label large enough to write on. Mine is about 3”x3”. Here I used my Cuddlebug machine to cut my label out.


14. Then, leaving the label in the die cut...


15. I sent it through the machine again to emboss it.


16. If you are not familiar with what embossing is, it just gives the paper a bit of dimension. In my tutorial for Slash’s Hat there are step by step instructions on how to use it if you are interested in learning more.


17. Now is a good time to personalize your label with the recipient’s name. Maybe yours, too. 

Or just a “Happy birthday!” would work.

18. Put some 3d adhesive circles (or double sided tape) on the back of the label.


19. Place it in the center and press down ever so gently over the adhesive circles so you don’t bend the label.


Add a ribbon.

20. When I went to add the ribbon pictured in the supplies pic at the beginning, I realized I didn’t like it at all. It was too dark, the browns were really clashing, and the pink was not doing its job tying the whole thing together.


21. So I grabbed this leftover burlap ribbon instead. Much better.


22. Tie it to that opening at the top of the paper the gift card is mounted to.


23. If a bow is not your thing you could do just a simple double knot with the ribbon sort of straight and loose.  I would recommend cutting the ends of the ribbon 1.5-2 inches if you go that rout. Like this one here.


Stuff it!

24. Insert the gift card and activation receipt (if you didn’t lose it in the depth of your purse). And I like to add a little double sided tape to the back of the gift card to keep it from falling out.


And you’re done! Unless you want to make one from the other half of the scrapbook sheet for another gift card later on.

Don't worry; after I took this pic I centered the gift card in the holder. 


This was actually a totally free project for me because I had everything laying around in my stash! But, if you didn't have any of the consumables lying around, here’s about what it would cost ya:


In addition to being inexpensive and easy to make, they are also so easy to customize because there about a bajillion different scrapbook paper prints to choose from. It’s true. I counted.

Guess which one is my favorite...


If you make gift card holders I would love to see what you did with them so be a bud and post a quick pic to the Flickr group or, if you're on Instagram, post it and tag me.


Happy crafting, friends. And whatever you make, make it yours!


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