Homemade Sliced Birch Wood Christmas Tree Ornament

A couple of years ago I stepped back and looked at our Christmas tree and said to my husband, “Wow, you are not represented on this tree. At all.”  And I felt really awful about it.

So I set out to change that. We have been giving each other Christmas tree ornaments for most of our marriage and for awhile I was buying them, but I soon ran out of places to look for unique, personal ornaments. So I started making them.

In the beginning I was painting or just personalizing store bought ornaments with names and dates.

But in recent years I have been getting serious and made…

A celebration of the half marathon he ran:


A nod to our board gaming obsession:


And, this year I am paying tribute to his woodworking skills with this:


It’s super easy to put together. And quick, too. If you don’t have dueling toddlers awake, that is.

Here are the supplies and tools I used:


Just below are the more abbreviated directions in the Short and Sweet section. Farther down is the more detailed explanation, All the Details. 

The Short and Sweet:

1.       Arrange wood circles and hot glue together.

2.       Cut off one end of a tongue depressor and wood circles on.

3.       Add lights or some other embellishment.

4.       Personalize, if you like.

5.       Wrap it up and gift it to your favorite woodworking enthusiast!

All the Details:

Prep your supplies.

1. Plug in the glue gun and set it to high.


2. Sort the wood circles by size.


Arrange the pieces in the shape of a tree.

3. Place the smallest circle above the tongue depressor.


4. Add three pieces that are slightly larger below it.


5. Add three more pieces below that, making the middle one a bit larger than the other two if you can.


5. Add three pieces on the next row, but this time put a smaller circle in the center between two bigger ones.


6. Add three more bigger circles below that.


7. Now add four of the biggest wood circles below that.


8. Finally, add three small circles to the bottom of the tree.


Make the trunk and size the ribbon.

9. Gently slide that tongue depressor out from under the circles and cut the bottom off so it looks like a tree trunk.


10. Test fit it just to make sure it looks right. Remember: the smallest circle at the top goes just above the top of it.


11. Cut the ribbon to about twice as long as the tree trunk.


Glue it all together!

12. Glue the ribbon on to the tongue depressor, about half an inch from the curved top.


13. Glue the second row of circles to the tongue depressor, on either side of the ribbon ends.


14. Glue the top piece on.


15. Continue working your way down the tree, making sure to push down gently on each piece that is attached to the trunk…


16. And adding glue to the sides of each wood piece.


Add embellishments.

17. You could stop here, if you like the simple, understated look.


18. But I like color and wanted to break up the lines of the rows and hide my hot glue.  I tried keeping the lights on the string, but it just wasn’t what I had in mind.


19. So, I cut the string and started placing them over the biggest glue spots, making sure not to put two of the same color next to each other.


Oooh, pretty!


20. Time to glue in place. Oh goody: more glueing. Another opportunity to burn myself with the hot glue. (And you know I did.)


There we go. All glued up.


Personalize it.

21. Dip your brush in some Mod Podge and coat the trunk of the tree. (This keeps the writing looking sharp by making sure the marker doesn’t bleed and spread on the unfinished wood.)


22. Let it dry for a minute or two.


23. Add the date and you're done!


So, what did this year’s homemade ornament cost me?


Awesome! I know he’s going to love it!           

Have another idea for a wood ornament? I would love for you to share in the comments...


Happy Christmas crafting, friends! And whatever you make, make it yours!


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