Fondant Puppy Cupcakes, or, "Pup"cakes

After making those Kitty Cat Cupcakes for my niece a couple of months back, I had been jonesing to make their companions; these sweet little puppy cupcakes:


They were so much fun! They came together really quickly and they were considerably less fussy than the kitty cats.

After a new blogging friend of mine, Sophie of Adventures of a Creative Girl, saw the kitty cats, she invited me to share the tutorial for the puppies over on her site. I was super excited to have an excuse to make these puppy cupcakes! And my kids were more than happy to be my taste testers, as it was my first ever attempt with store-bought fondant. (I needed input from my little focus group after all.)

So click here for the tutorial and have a look around all of the beautiful and unique projects and ideas at Adventures of a Creative Girl!

Happy cupcake decorating, friends. And whatever you make, make it yours!

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