Paper Straw Fireworks

Looking for a way to use up those paper straws left over from your last party? These are a fun, quick, and simple solution:


I have paper straws leftover from the last four parties I’ve thrown so I had plenty of options when I made these for my New Year’s Eve Family Gamenight celebration.

Everybody complimented them at one point or another. It didn’t hurt that they were hanging over the food table. Cuz, ya know, food makes everything better.

They’re so funny, my family. They still ask if I made the decorations. Every party. “Meliss, did you you make these? Yeah? They’re cute!” I do appreciate the compliments, though. Who wouldn’t? Especially with New Year’s party décor because I’m always at a bit of a loss as to how to decorate for the big night. In the end I usually go with a color scheme of black, silver, and gold balloons, a black table cover, and call it good. This year I got crazy and added some sparkle and color.

Is it obvious that I don’t get out much?

Here are the supplies and tools I used to create these unique hanging fireworks:


The supplies shown make one large and two small fireworks. Because I have so many straws in my pantry I also made another large and small firework out of pink chevron straws. I’ll show you those after the tutorial.

I’ll start with the very brief, very abbreviated directions in the Short and Sweet section. Below that is a little more explanation along with step by step pictures in the All the Details section. 

The Short and Sweet

To make small size firework:

1.      Cut 4 straws in half, at an angle. Cut off each end at an angle.

2.      Glue the ends of two straw pieces together. Glue the other 6 straw pieces to either side of that center point.

3.      Tie a string around the center and leave a long enough tail to hang by.

4.      Cover center of firework with a 1’’ circle on the front and back.

To make a large firework:

1.      Cut the ends off of 8 paper straws at an angle.

2.      Glue the ends of two straws together. (That will be the center point of the firework.)

3.      Glue the ends of 3 straws to the center point on one side of the straw, and the other three straws to the other side.

4.      Tie a string around the center and leave a long enough tail to hang by.

5.      Cover center of firework with a 1.5’’ circle on the front and back.

6.      Hang ‘em up and watch them bring your party décor to life!

All the Details:

Cut the straws.

1. Plug in your glue gun and set it to low.

2. Let’s start with the small firework first. Take 4 straws and cut them in half at about a 45° angle. Cut the ends off so that the angles are going the same direction.


3. Cut the other 3 straws the same way.


Lay out your formation like so.


Glue the straws.

4. Start with the two center straws. Add glue to the end of one…


5. And place the end of the other middle straw on it. This will be the center of the firework.


6. Here’s what you have so far:


7. Now take one of the top straws and glue it to the center of the firework. It should lay flush against the side of the straw and it will stick out from the center straw at a 45° angle.


8. Glue another of the top straws and glue it to the center straw in the same manner. Now the two straws you just glued on are a mirror image of each other.


9. Time to place the middle top straw. Cut off the very tip of the point...


10. And place it in the middle of the two straws you placed in the last two steps.


11. The last three straws go on the same way. One of the outside straws first…


12. The other outside straw next…


13. And the middle piece completes it.


Prep the firework for hanging.

14. Tie a double knot around the firework so that the knot is on top. (And therefor hidden when it’s hanging.) Sorry it's not easy to see...hope the arrow helps.


15. Cut the short tail off.


16. Decide where you are hanging the firework so you know how long to make the string. If you are looking for a general idea, I made my strings 11” and 13” and 17” for the small fireworks and 18” and 21” for the large fireworks.


Add the finishing touch.

17. Use a punch (or scissors) to make 2 one inch circles.


18. Add a dollop of hot glue to the center of your assembled firework.


19. And center the circle.


20. When it cools flip the firework over and glue the other circle to the back side. Make another and you have a set!


Time to make the large firework.

21. It goes a little quicker than the small ones because you don’t need to cut the straws in half.

22. Cut the ends off of 8 straws so that the angles are going the same direction.


23. Lay out your pattern and glue it together following the same steps as the small firework.


24. Tie on the string and punch (or cut) out two 1.5’’ circles.


25. Glue them to the center and you’re done!


Hang these babies up for everyone to admire!

 And if you have leftover paper straws overtaking your shelves like I do, make another large and small firework for an even greater ta-dah!


They are all fun but my favorite is the large pink one with the green glittery center.

Surprise, surprise; she chose the pink one.


Although, the diagonal wrapped ones (the teal and the black) look especially nice when they are hanging up.

 So, what does a set of three Paper Straw Fireworks cost to make? Assuming you are talking about consumable supplies (not tools):

I got these prices because I bought everything on sale or with a coupon. I couldn't afford my crafting addiction otherwise!


My total cost was only $7.50 because I had everything but the glittery paper in my craft stash. (I feel obligated to let you know I did not buy a whole stack of paper just for a handful of 1 inch circles. I actually bought it to make a ‘Happy New Year’ sign that I never got around to. I guess there’s always next year...)

If you have another great project to use up those leftover paper straws, or if you make some Paper Straw Fireworks, please post a pick to the Flickr group! It would be so much fun to see what other people are coming up with...


 Happy crafting, friends! And whatever you make, make it yours!

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