Well Hello There!   

I’m Melissa; a former teacher who somehow became a stay at home mother. (Truly, I never saw that one coming, friends.)

I love: 

  • wine
  • people who follow the rules at parent pick-up
  • sitting on the beach
  • the sound of friends having a good time in my home
  • feeling accomplished
  • and most of all, playing [modern] board games with my husband and watching my children play together

Also eating. Eating is the best.

I always seem to be cooking, crafting, baking, or sewing something. (I know, such a cliché!) Most of these things I learned to do just by diving in and working through them.  I’m here to inspire you to do the same. And make them your own.

We don’t have to be experts to have delicious meals on our tables and beautiful homes to share with our families.